New Marine Electronics for 2014

Today, the world of marine electronics moves as fast as a wahoo attacking a high-speed trolling lure. Check out these high tech electronics for the new year.

January 14, 2014
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear


Simrad’s new NSO evo2 is a high-speed quad-core multifunction module that allows for processing, display, and control of two independent sets of navigation, radar, sonar, video, and other information on a pair of side-by-side displays or a single monitor, and a GoFree-enabled tablet. -Complementing the NSO evo2 is the new Simrad MO Series low-profile marine monitors. Available in 16-, 19-, and 24-inch Pilot House (P) nontouch and high-bright Multi-Touch (T) models, the monitors feature on-glass menu keys, and can be flush-mounted in a dash or installed on a VESA mount. Each monitor ships with black and silver trim options. $5,695 for evo2, MO monitors start at $4,449;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Garmin

Sideways and Down

Look for a host of new-product ­developments from Garmin for 2014. One of the most exciting is the new ­Garmin GCV-10 ­black-box sonar. This module adds SideVü side-scan sonar and DownVü ­down-scan ­sonar with CHIRP scanning sonar technology to a number of compatible Garmin echoMAP or ­GPSMAP ­series ­multifunction displays, including the GPSMAP 721/741, 820/840, 1020/1040, and echoMAP 70 ­series. With ­integrated CHIRP, more power is put on target to create photolike images and extreme ­target separation. $599.99;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Furuno

Touch Control

The new Multi Touch Monitor series from Furuno offers -edge-to-edge glass and brilliant LED backlighting, making it easy to see and operate your fish finder, chart plotter, radar and other functions at virtually any angle in a range of conditions, including bright sunlight. Designed to match Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch Black Box system, the touch-screen monitors are available in three sizes: the 17-inch MU170T and 19-inch MU190T with a 5-to-4 aspect ratio, and the 24-inch MU240T with a 16-to-9 aspect ratio. Each can also be fully dimmed to help preserve your night vision when fishing after dark. $8,595, $9,295, $9,695;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Raymarine

Networked Chirp

Raymarine’s new CP100 CHIRP Sonar Module paints vivid images of structure and fish, and integrates easily with Raymarine’s latest-generation multifunction displays, including the HybridTouch e-Series and the gS-Series glass bridge screens. Essentially a networked version of the successful Raymarine Dragonfly sonar unit, the CP100 works to depths of 600 feet, using two discrete CHIRP sonar channels to create photolike DownVision imagery. This CHIRP sonar transmits across a wide spectrum of frequencies to generate high-fidelity returns in both DownVision and fish-targeting sonar modes. Transducers for the CP100 are available in transom-mount and plastic or bronze through-hull versions. $899 with transducer;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Sonar

Inshore Speciality

The new SpotlightScan sonar with a transducer that fits to a trolling motor allows skiff and bay-boat -anglers a 360-degree view around the boat to zero in on productive fishing spots and fish. This sonar system -displays its picturelike returns on Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch or HDS Gen2 (additional SonarHub required) -multifunction displays. The transducer — compatible only with bow-mounted, cable-steer foot-control -trolling motors — -operates at 455/800 kHz with a maximum side-scanning range of 150 feet. It also features DownScan Imaging and Broadband Sounder technology.** $499;**
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - FLIR

Night Moves

The MD-Series represents FLIR’s most compact and affordable fixed-mount thermal night-vision cameras yet. These marine units are ideal for venturing out in smaller boats to fish at night, allowing you to see other vessels and obstructions in the dark. Each weighs 3 pounds and stands 7 inches tall, allowing for the -installations on the hardtop of virtually any boat. The FLIR -MD-324 features 320-by-240 standard resolution, 24-degree field of view, and 2x e-zoom, while the MD-625 features 640-by-480 high resolution, 25-degree field of view, and 2x and 4x e-zoom. Both are Ethernet-enabled for integration with MFDs.** -Starting at $3,499;**
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - ICOM

VHF Upgrade

The new M506 fixed-mount VHF series replaces the popular M504 series in the Icom lineup. In fact, the two models are almost identical in size (the M506 is 1⁄8-inch wider), but the M506 has a larger display for better viewing of channel info, and a louder 10-watt speaker to better hear your buddy call you in on a bite. The M506 also features Icom’s menu-driven user interface, two-minute last-call voice playback, active noise canceling, and a bigger, yet thinner mic. It’s available in a number of iterations, including one with built-in AIS. You can also add an optional remote Command Mic. $479.99 to 699.99;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Humminbird

Custom Chart Updates

Humminbird’s AutoChart software builds and refreshes electronic charts by transferring recorded data from your Humminbird chart plotter/fish finder to your PC, and downloading an updated chart to use next time you go fishing. The software records your sonar returns and GPS onto an AutoChart Zero Lines SD card. You then load that data into the AutoChart PC program, which adds bottom contours. AutoChart Pro also adds bottom hardness and a side-imaging mosaic. You transfer it onto the AutoChart Zero Lines SD card, and it’s ready to display on any compatible Humminbird. AutoChart, $199; AutoChart Pro, $249;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - MAX

Value Added Data

Jeppesen has updated and expanded the Sportfishing Value Added Data (VAD) included with its C-Map 4-D and MAX Wide electronic cartography, which runs on a number of compatible chart plotters. Additions include thousands of new reefs, updated state-record information and the latest angling regulations. VAD features pages that help anglers identify the types of fish in a given area with photos and descriptions; the size, depth and reef composition; the type of bottom surrounding the structure; updated seasonal and gear restrictions; and size/bag limits. Free with $199 MAX Wide charts; $19 extra with $199 4-D local charts;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Shakespeare

Phone Home

The new CA-VAT Anywhere Voice and Data Cellular Booster Kit from Shakespeare might be the perfect equipment to ensure that you can privately share fishing info with buddy boats — and communicate with the home front — while you’re offshore. Designed to extend and optimize cell coverage for up to five users, the kit includes a Verizon-, AT&T-, and T-Mobile-enabled signal amplifier, marine antenna, indoor antenna, and UV-resistant coax cable. Dual bands make it compatible with 2G and 3G wireless networks. The unit is supplied with N female connectors on both ends. Shakespeare recommends installation with LMR400 or CM400 cable. $612.86,
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Standard Horizon

VHF with GPS

The new GX2200 Matrix is the first fixed-mount VHF from Standard Horizon with both GPS and AIS (receive only). It features a 66-channel WAAS GPS and internal antenna, eliminating the need to wire the VHF to a GPS for DSC (Digital Selective Calling) or AIS — both important safety features in a range of situations. The full-featured unit displays AIS target information, allowing you to contact an AIS ship directly using DSC, and alerts you when an AIS ship might be approaching too close. It is also includes -30-watt hailer with listen back and preprogrammed fog signals. $399.99;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - McMurdo

Major AIS

The compact Smartfind M5 AIS Class A transponder from McMurdo not only gives you the ability to assess the AIS status of vessels around you, but it also lets you create a “buddy list” so you can keep track of your fishing friends who also have AIS. It also broadcasts your position to enhance safety, particularly when fishing in conditions where visibility is limited such as at night, in fog or in areas with obstructed visibility. It features a 3.5-inch color LCD display, an embedded coastline map and a detailed AIS target list. It also incorporates an AIS MOB and AIS SART alarm to assist in man-overboard emergencies. Price TBA;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Cobra

Rough and Ready

The Cobra MR HH450 DUAL compact floating handheld features Rewind-Say-Again function, as well as GMRS channel dual-band operation for high-power walkie-talkie use. With 6 watts on VHF and GMRS power select between low, medium and high, it’s instantly adaptable for short- and long-range communication. A total of 1,815 privacy combinations are possible when the 15 GMRS channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes. Accessories included are AC/DC adapters, drop-in charger, Li-ion polymer battery, belt clip, a AA battery tray for standard alkaline batteries, and a three-year warranty. $129.95;
New Marine Electronics 2014 - Boat Gear - Spot Trace

Spot Trace

The compact Spot Trace uses the Globalstar satellite network to alert you of unauthorized movement — i.e., theft — of your boat or tow vehicle. The Trace measures just 23⁄4 inches tall and 2 inches wide, so you can stash it where would-be thieves won’t notice it. When movement is detected, it automatically sends a text/email with its GPS coordinates to your cellphone, then tracks its position, sending updates to your smartphone or computer. Powered by four AAA batteries, it has a variety of simple mounting options. You can also receive daily alerts to let you know your pride and joy is secure.** $99.95 plus $99.99/year;**

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