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  • boat docking and launching tips

    A couple pros share their advice for easier launching and docking

    Long before the first cast, every successful fishing trip starts with an uneventful boat launch. We’ve all witnessed (or experienced) the follies that occur.
  • Top new boats of 2017 - Regulator 31

    A look at the latest crop of new fishing machines featured on Salt Water Sportsman.

    Before beginning 2018, here's the long list of new fishing boats (in alphabetical order) featured on Salt Water Sportsman in 2017.
  • boat running on the water

    LED lights increase safety and offer other enhancements

    LED technology changed the way our fishing boats are illuminated.
  • boat trailer safety

    Don't ruin your long-planned trip by breaking down

    Don't ruin your long-planned trip by breaking down on the side of the road with a boat trailer problem.

Boating Skills

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

    Follow correct procedure when you see a fisheries law broken

    It's important for every angler to follow the rules and protect our fisheries from harm. Here's how to report fisheries violations when you see a law broken.
  • All boating anglers should know the basics of navigation and repairs.

    Master these simple skills to make your boating and fishing safer and more productive.

    Key skills every boating angler should master to counteract the unexpected and lessen stress and aggravation on the water.
  • Life jackets

    Find the right life jacket and use it

    It’s not enough to have life jackets on board, you need select the proper style and wear them or at least keep them within easy access.

Boat Maintenance

  • Boat maintenance before the season starts prevents fishing downtime.

    Use this pre-season checklist to make sure your boat is ready to go before fishing gets hot.
  • washing fishing boat

    Cleaning the boat after a successful fishing trip is a chore most of us don’t relish

    Cleaning the boat after a successful fishing trip is a chore most of us don’t relish, but it's a necessary one. Here's how to make it easier.
  • boats on marina racks

    With the Atlantic storm season beginning June 1, here's how to protect your property

    If you’re prepared beforehand, chances are good your boat will come through it without incident.