Fishient Group Flat’n Fine

The Fishient Group recently introduced Flat 'n Fine to extend the synthetic boundaries even further.


The trick to tying a good fly stems from putting together something that not only looks good, but also moves well in the water. Even though natural materials work well, some synthetics allow you to create flies that virtually come to life in the water. Their lengths, strength, colors and flexibility make these materials the perfect choice for a variety of fly-tying applications. The Fishient Group recently introduced Flat’n Fine to extend the synthetic boundaries even further.
In development for the past year, this unique translucent material is cut finer than most synthetics to give it more mobility in the water while the material itself remains incredibly strong and durable to stand up to toothy fish. Because of these properties, it works well with epoxies or Softex and is easily mottled with markers, allowing almost limitless variation. And unlike natural fibers, Flat’n Fine is available in 24 colors, including five shades of blue, several greens, purples, yellows and pinks, and traditional colors like black, white, red and brown. Flat’n Fine comes in half-ounce bundles of 20-inch fibers and retails for about $2.50.
For more information, contact the Fishient Group, PO Box 1010, Scottburgh, 4180, South Africa; 011-27-39-975-3996; [email protected]


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