Everglades Fishing Report

Overall, fishing has been pretty darn good as of late...

June 12, 2006

Overall, fishing has been pretty darn good as of late.  Although we did have a slow spell last week fishing top water plugs?plenty of fish around.  We just had a hard time getting them to come up. Those fishing live bait have been doing very well, however ? very well

There seem to be more red fish around this year than in years past ? they have been making great targets of the flies and jigs when sight fishing.

Of course, with their keen sense of smell and relatively poor eyesight, a live bait always seems to work wonders.


It seems that tarpon are everywhere ? on the inside and outside.  They are, however, very finicky right now?timing is very important!!  Just because we see them does not mean that we will catch them.  They tend to fall into fairly regular and predictable patterns this time of year.  Once we get them figured out, we usually can do well (at least until the tarpon figure us out!)

Last evening, while the grill was doing its thing, we slipped out for about a half-hour with the fly rods.  The 20-30 pound ‘poon-ettes were going at it!!  We released two on fly before we had to scurry back before the tenderloin was over-cooked!

During July and August, we do the late afternoon/evening tarpon trips.  These are some of my favorite (and some of the most productive) trips? easy, fun fishing.  A good cold drink, a good cigar and good friends and just a bit of luck make for a great evening ? the “gentleman trips”.  On these trips anyone can catch a tarpon.


I love the summer fishing!

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