Evans Sports' Coverz

Evans Sports introduces Coverz, a new way to protect your fly reel from dings and dirt.

Ever wanted a quick and inexpensive way to protect your fly reel from dings and dirt while moving it from home to car to boat and back? Evans Sports introduces just the solution - Coverz.
This simple little 2-ounce sleeve snaps around the fly reel to keep it safe from dings, dust, debris and moisture to help prolong the life of your reel and your fly line. Coverz are made from a unique polymer that resists not only the day-to-day bumps and bruises associated with bumpy boat rides, but are also impervious to gas, diesel, oils and are UV-resistant to help preserve your fly line.
Coverz are currently available for 8/9-weight fly reels only, but Evans Sports says additional varieties for both larger and smaller fly reels will be available soon.
For more information, contact Evans Sports Inc., PO Box 20, Houston, MO 65483; 800-748-8318.