Enrico Puglisi’s New Poppers

Enrico Puglisi's New Poppers

October 3, 2001

You already know how much fun using poppers can be. They almost always elicit strikes for everything from trout to billfish. The splashy action and the noise poppers make as they are stripped across the surface of the water can entice even the pickiest of some species into a frenzy. Enrico Puglisi has introduced a new wrinkle into this tried-and-true standard.
Puglisi¿’ design simply incorporates a split ring between the hook and the popper head to allow increased action. The design also increases hookup rates since the free-swinging hook doesn¿’ allow the fish to gain leverage on the fly, causing it to twist off.
And with the split ring you have the additional advantage of interchanging virtually any combination of popper head color or style with any tail. These poppers come in any size from trout to billfish; weedless versions are also available.
For more information, contact Enrico Puglisi Ltd.,
55 W. Hills Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746; 631-


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