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**Check out these terrific DVD recommendations — the perfect holiday gift for anglers and boaters. Perfect for refreshers and reference.

Saltwater Flyfishing – How To Cast With A Saltwater Fly Rod & Alaska River Fishing With A Fly RodLearn the art of saltwater fly fish casting from an expert with 25 years experience. Paul Penland joins Dr. Jim and his friends for informative instructions and specific “how to” techniques. No matter if you are a novice or experienced angler, this DVD will help sharpen your skills and have you casting and catching better and more efficiently. This program also takes you to Alaska to show you the techniques in action.

| DVD The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips Hundreds of must-have boating tips with amazing video and stunning 3D graphics!The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD includes over 31/2 hours of video and thousands of tips gleaned from experts and veteran boating enthusiasts alike. If you have a boat or if you’re thinking about getting a boat or just know someone with a boat, you need the Encyclopedia of Boating Tips.Order Now> * * *| |

| DVD Back to the Basics of Boating: Boating Basics for New Boat Owners & Experienced Skippers Includes downloadable forms for pre-launch checklist, float plan and creating your boating profile.A comprehensive guide to the Basics of Boating for first-time boat owners as well as experienced skippers with easy to understand instruction on a variety of boating subjects. Order Now> * * *| |


| 100 Boating Mistakes & How to Avoid Them Learning FROM your mistakes is definitely the hard way to go about improving your boating skills. Doing things correctly is sometimes just a matter of not doing things wrong. This program includes a checklist of common mistakes & larger mistakes that you want to be sure to avoid. Subjects covered include: running aground, wasting fuel, getting lost at sea, loosing someone overboard, running out of fuel, colliding with another vessel, getting lost in fog, getting sea sick, getting caught in bad weather, fires onboard, extra pounding in heavy seas, electrical failures & anchoring problems. 50 mins Order Now> * * *| |

| DVD Powerboat Navigation with World Renowned Expert John Rousmaniere Hosted by World renowned expert John Rousmaniere.Learn Navigation Rules, Plotting Bearings, Chart & Compass, Radar & GPS & much more! Produced in cooperation with the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD. This program teaches the step-by-step techniques for navigating with both classic dead reckoning piloting and electronic navigation instruments. Order Now> * * *| |

| BoatCamp: Boating Fundamentals Regardless of age, enjoyable boating is tied to knowledge, experience & attitude. Captain Marc and his crew, with the help of members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, sailing instructors & state certified marine educators, teach boating fundamentals related to safety, the law, operation & the language of boating. 90 minsOrder Now> * * *| |   | DVD BOATING’S Top 60 Tips SafetyAn excellent program for any boater whether beginner or experienced and a valuable checklist that can be reviewed time and time again to ensure safe boating. Subjects Covered Include: personal floatation devices, EPIRB’S, fire prevention, life rafts, weather considerations, fuel system safety, radar use, first aid, emergencies at sea, boat handling, VHF radio procedures, trailering safety tips, low visibility tips, distress signals.Order Now> * * *| |   | Powerboat Handling Twin Screw  Divided INTO five sections, this DVD takes you through a step-by-step approach to the basics of boat handling using a “hands on” viewing system which enables you to get a feel of performing a variety of basic and uncomplicated maneuvers. Subjects Covered Include: The basics of the controls, maneuvers, docking and undocking in slips, wind and current compensation and engine failure tactics. A great way for the crew to master proper helmsmanship.Order Now> * * *| |   | The Coast Guard License Boating CourseThis is the best tape to help you to obtain the internationally recognized U.S. Coast Guard License, which is recognized as one of the ultimate tests of boating ability. This program covers the essentials of the license test, advanced piloting and the complete rules of the road needed for the examination. It also covers additional sections of the test FROM firefighting to basic seamanship. Subjects covered include: rules of the road, arc & visibility of lights, lights and dayshapes, right of way, navigation, tides, seamanship, fixes and bearings, set and drift, lateral buoyage system, test tips and much more.Order Now> * * *| |   | Heavy Weather Powerboat HandlingThis guide teaches you how to be prepared for bad weather before boating and how to deal with it if you are ever confronted at sea. Not only will it SHOW you how to avoid bad weather if possible, but also includes handling and maneuvering techniques for your boat in heavy seas, anchoring under adverse conditions, as well as covering all the equipment you’ll need for bad weather cruising. Order Now> * * *| | | Handling & Anchoring Your BoatFor single and twin screw power or sail. Boat anchoring and maneuvering are two of the most desired skills in boat handling. The essence of good seamanship demands that the boat operator be able to skillfully anchor the vessel. Correct anchoring simply means that the vessel is going to stay where you put it without dragging and or interfering with other vessels at the anchorage.Order Now> * * *| | | Boating BasicsThis program is the complete video encyclopedia of boating for beginners covering the same information covered in State Boating courses. Covers information on choosing the right boats, boating laws, navigation rules and aids, getting underway and how to come back safely from each outing. A perfect program that will provide you with a complete introduction to boating. Order Now> * * *| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |  |  |


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