Deep Glow underwater lights

Deep Glow creates a virtual dockside aquarium

August 1, 2009

Tampa, Florida-based Deep Glow Technologies, Inc. has seen a tremendous increase in orders of its innovative underwater dock lights, validating a trend that homeowners are staying put.

“Deep Glow underwater lights are perfect for the waterfront homeowner who wants to make an investment to add to the enjoyment of their property,” says Brad Ball of Deep Glow Technologies, Inc. “Outdoor and waterfront space is at a premium, and homeowners are always seeking additional ways to incorporate this space into their lifestyles. Deep Glow creates a virtual dockside aquarium, and a unique place to entertain friends and family,” Ball added.

Deep Glow lights are perfect for both residential and commercial applications, and are fast replacing traditional dock-mounted lights that often attract insects and create glare. Whether on a lake, bayou, canal, river, or bay, Deep Glow lights provide an instant ecosystem for marine life, and often give homeowners the sensation of increasing their property line beyond the water’s edge.


“When we put the Deep Glow lights behind our restaurant, it immediately produced results. Not only did our patrons enjoy them, but boats started coming closer to see the lights and then they would dock and stay for dinner.” Mike-GM, Pop’s Sunset Grill – Nokomis, FL

Available in Green, Blue, Magenta and Clear, Deep Glow lights are easy to install, and designed to be thrown, dropped or placed in the water at a depth of 3-20 feet. Deep Glow lights illuminate the water, attracting vast amounts of marine life, providing unique navigation for nighttime boating, and increasing security by casting a soft glow on above water structures.

“We originally bought one of the cheaper underwater lights on the market and we got what we paid for – it barely lasted 6 months. When we replaced it with a Deep Glow light, it was obvious that they built it to last. Additionally it was brighter, greener and attracted more fish than the old one by a long shot. It has definitely changed our family routine, as we spend much more time on our dock during the evening hours,” says Steve Farmer, a Deep Glow customer from St. Petersburg, Florida.


Deep Glow invested heavily in product design, development and testing, ensuring ultimate satisfaction. Deep Glow lights are 60% brighter than its competitors, and depending on water clarity, can illuminate a diameter of up to 30 feet.

Deep Glow lights were designed to withstand harsh underwater environments, including rough water, salt water, prop wash, wave action, and impact from cast nets. The low profile design allows the light to settle on the seabed to avoid damage from motor skegs and fishing lines.

Installation requires nothing more than mounting a ballast enclosure to a dock or pier adjacent to an 110V GFCI outlet, plugging the light in, and dropping the light into the water. The light automatically falls to the bottom with the light facing upward. Each light features an automatic timer or photocell option.


A patent-pending design, featuring a metal halide bulb encased in a tri-level custom injection molded and waterproof housing, was years in development. Each light produces heat to combat marine growth, and go through a self-cleaning process. The lights can be easily pulled out of the water for additional cleaning, and the replaceable bulb is guaranteed for one year.

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