Decision 2004 And You

The 2004 Presidential race could mean signficant change in recreational fishing policies. We invite you to examine each candidates' position and voting record, and then discuss further the topic in our forum.

Decision 2004 & You

Decision 2004 & You

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters presents a detailed overview of each Presidential candidates' position and voting record as it impacts recreational sportfishing and our oceans.

****** **** | Election 2004 & Oceans Part 1: George W. Bush In early 2003 and again in April 2004, President Bush met with representatives of several hunting and fishing groups, including the Coastal Conservation Association and the American Sportfishing Association. This was an unprecedented event that shows concern on the incumbent's part, but many sportsmen believe that the president's sudden interest should be taken with a grain of salt and that it was no coincidence that these meetings took place so close to an election. More> |