Current Redfish Regulations

The 2022 red drum regulations for recreational anglers from Virginia to Texas.


June 1, 2022
Redfish, also know as red drum, are a popular inshore species available throughout the Gulf of Mexico and up the Atlantic Coast to Chesapeake Bay. Alex Suescun

2022 Redfish (Red Drum) Regulations

The following are current state regulations for redfish from the Carolinas to Texas. Be sure to check these sites often, as regulations do change frequently.


Official Site:

  • Three per person per day daily bag limit
  • 18- to 26-inch slot limit
  • Release citation length is 46 inches

North Carolina

Official site:

  • One per person per daily bag limit
  • 18- to 27-inch total length slot limit

South Carolina

Official Site:

  • 15- to 23-inch total length slot limit
  • Two per person per day
  • Max of 6 per boat per day


Official Site:

  • 14- to 23-inch total length
  • Daily limit and possession limit of 5


Official Site:

  • 18 to 27 inches total length
  • 2 per harvester per day in the NE zone; 1 per harvester in the NW and S zones


Official Site:

  • Three per person daily bag limit
  • 16- to 26-inch slot limit
  • One over slot fish per day


Official Site:

  • Three fish per person daily bag limit
  • 18- to 30-inch total length slot limit
  • Recreational fishermen may retain one red drum over 30 inches


Official Site:

  • 16 inches minimum total length
  • 27 inches maximum total length
  • Five per person per day
  • No more than one over 27-inch maximum total length


Official Site:

  • Daily Bag is 3
  • Min length is 20 inches
  • Max Length is 28 inches

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