Cross Rip Outfitters Fishing Report

Jeff fished with Capt. Duane Baker on Thursday and they landed 5 Bonefish.

If you have never come to this crazy weekend it's shop till you drop time. It's a great Chamber of Commerce holiday weekend. Nantucket shop owners and homeowners decorate the Island from top to bottom. It seems Christmas comes early to my hometown. I dragged my feet this year decorating the shop but it's done and I think it came out nicely.

This whole thing started to try and keep Islanders shopping on the Island. I am not sure it has done that but what it has done is brought a lot of Island customers back to the Island for a fun filled late season weekend. It also makes the shopkeepers have a little boost before the long winter.

I think I can officially say that the fishing season is over. I did get a report of Tuna jumping out at Smith's Point. A friend of a customer was surfing and emailed that there were fish jumping and thought they were Tuna. I think maybe Mackerel? I don't know. A customer is in the store now talking about Bluefins jumping by the canal 10 days ago. Who knows? People are still fishing second bridge off Madaket Road and getting some nice White Perch.

Jeff's in the Keys this weekend fishing Meg Blair in a Redbone Tournament. Hopefully the weather will be good and they find some fish. He fished with Capt. Duane Baker on Thursday and they landed 5 Bonefish. They had shots at many more and at least one other to the boat. I gotta run and be a retailer.