Getting the Green Light from Your Wife to Buy a Boat

These excuses from our Facebook fans could lean the scale your way when convincing the wife you should plunk down cold, hard cash for a brand-new skiff.

January 5, 2013
Buy a Boat Excuses Main

Buy a Boat Excuses Main

Remind her that she got a Mercedes so it only makes sense that you get a skiff. –Dwayne Hahn Darren Gygi

Tell her … “But Honey, the other boat scared away all of the big fish. This one is so shiny they won’t be able to help themselves.”

Alex Burgess

Point to the poling platform and excitedly tell her, “Look! It even has a place for you to work on your tan!”


Blake Michaleski

Well, I was going to buy you a diamond ring but this skiff is a lot more practical.

Stephen W. Rogers


“You know the yacht you always wanted? The one for sunset cruises and trips around the world? Well, this ain’t it — but it’s a start.

Chris Lancaster

Let her know that it is the last boat you’ll ever need.


Cindy James Pinder

You can always tell her that your new pushpole came with a matching skiff.

Jonathan Tomlinson


“It followed me home.”

Michael R. King

“Babe, this new skiff is cheaper than a golf membership down at the club and I don’t have to buy a new $500 driver every weekend to replace the one I launch into the lake each round!”

Chris Ivy, Skull Island Boats

You can tell her it was cheaper than a Corvette!

Paul Wolter

Tell her, “We both believe family is No. 1. This boat will help us keep it that way — plus, it’s great on gas.”

Ted Matthews

Remind her that she got a Mercedes so it only makes sense that you get a skiff.

Dwane Hahn

You can always give her a new skiff as a birthday present and tell her that it’s something you can use together.

Nate Shaw

“But, I had all this extra money I saved from giving you a smaller diamond!”

Brandon Swanson

Walk in the door excited, take her to the driveway to show her the skiff and say, “Look, they finally sponsored me!”

Roddy Hays

Listen baby, if you let me get a boat, I promise you — I’ll quit bugging you about getting one.

Glenn Hughes, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Bring it home, show it to her and say “Look what I won!” Then, over dinner inform her that someone stole your identity and maxed out all the credit cards.

Lloyd Watt

“I have the perfect wife. Now I need the perfect skiff.”

Charlie Johnson, Maverick Boats

All you have to do is tell her it was on sale.

Ben Dunham

Remind her that you are an impulse buyer.

Mike Hafner

Reinforce that safety comes first and then tell her it was a matter of time before the old boat sunk.

Gil S. Gabriel

“Like you and me, baby—it was meant to be!”

Stephen C. Cook

“You’re always saying you want to get away together more often, this skiff is our solution. You can thank me later.”

Gary Jennings, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

“Honey, I’m doing this for you. Think about how much uninterrupted time you’ll have to cook and clean if I’m out fishing.”

Ron Cook, Bonefish Boats

“It’s you or the boat! Choose.”

Amadeo Wayne Quilici

“It’ll keep me out of the bars.”

Dan Burke

“You have always told me that you would support all my hobbies. This skiff is my new hobby — so, you’re just going to have to support it.

Kevin Fenn, East Cape Skiffs

You can tell her that you got it for chasing tails and it’s better than chasing the other kind of tail.

Kit Belen

“I didn’t say skiff, I said it was a gift.”

Nick Meola

Put your arm around her, romantically look her in the eyes and smile as you say “Think of all the sunrises and sunsets we can watch together.”

Rick E. Miller

“Look at the bright side, this new boat is so fast, there’s no way I’ll be late ever again.”

Todd Fuller, Hell’s Bay Boatworks

“I know how much you love pushing me around at home so I knew you’d love to be able to do the same on the water.”

John Frazier, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Remind her of all the times she told you to get [out] of her face and find a hobby and then say, “I’m just doing what I was told.”

Jason Parks


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