Everglades 455cc Fishability Test

A mega-center-console to run softly to the canyons and fish hard.

Everglades 455cc in the ocean
With quad Yamaha 425 XTOs, the 455cc flirts with 60 mph. Courtesy Everglades Boats

Not that long ago, if you told me that I could run to the canyons on a 45-foot center-console with four outboards totaling 1,700 hp, I would have taken away your car keys. Today, however, big center-console models launch with increasing regularity. Even so, the Everglades 455cc stands out.

With its sweet ride, plush layout, and extreme fishability, this 45-footer is one serious sled.

Let’s start with the 40 rod holders on board, which let you equip the boat for a variety of fishing situations and always have a rod at the ready nearby.

Everglades 455cc bow seating
Plush bow seating includes storage and backrests for lounging. Courtesy Everglades Boats

With its high freeboard, single-level deck, and wide passageways on both sides of the console, the Everglades is truly a 360-degree fishing boat, ­easily traversed from stem to stern while following a hooked fish. Aluminum toe rails keep you secure when battling a sounding pelagic or stubborn bottomfish along the gunwales, and there’s ­always a handhold in close proximity.

The 455cc boasts two 50-gallon livewells, both pressurized, recirculating, and with clear acrylic lids to easily keep tabs on your live bait supply. To keep your catch on ice, there are several ­insulated fish boxes—a 75- and a 40-gallon in the transom, two 22-­gallon wells in the main cockpit sole, and a 120-gallon one forward of the console. A built-in bait-prep station and tackle storage allow you to carry essential gear and tools, and rig up at the dock or out on the water.

A pair of 22-foot Gemlux outriggers let you troll a considerable spread, and port and starboard side doors in the main cockpit make it a cinch to bring in gaffed fish from both sides. The hardtop features a second helm station accessed via a ladder aft of the helm seats.

Everglades 455cc leaning post
Mezzanine seating lets three crew keep an eye on the trolling lines and man the rods on the rocket launcher. Courtesy Everglades Boats

The helm setup features two-row seating accommodating the captain along with five crew. The forward row has three independent seats with flip-up bolsters and fold-down armrests, as well as footrests, so everyone can sit or stand on the way to and from the fishing. Three more independent seats ­reside just behind, so all get to cruise in comfort.

Equally impressive, the dash allows for vertically flush-mounting 22-inch multifunction displays, so everything from navigation and radar to sonar and the ship’s systems can be viewed easily.

In addition, the custom Garmin ­digital-switching system makes for seamless transition between functions, and pretty much everything on the boat can be controlled via touchscreen. The Garmin system can even be programmed to turn off and restart the livewell pumps every few minutes to prevent air lock.

Everglades 455cc rod storage
Gunwale racks to port and starboard cradle extra rods and gaffs. Courtesy Everglades Boats

Out on the water during our test, I noted how effortlessly the 455cc climbs onto plane, with no discernible squatting to impede the visibility at the helm during takeoff.

Yamaha designed its 425 XTO outboards for applications just like this, and the quad setup pushed the Everglades to a top speed of ­nearly 60 mph, quite impressive for a 28,000-pound boat.

With only three of the Yamahas fired up, the boat jumped on plane in about 5 seconds and reached 47.5 mph. And with just two of the engines, we were still able to plane in about 15 seconds and run at a decent clip of 23.3 mph.

With its RAMCAP close-molded and foam-filled construction, the “unsinkable” Bob Dougherty heritage is evident in the 455cc. The light chop we encountered during our test was ­practically unnoticeable, and no matter how much of a sea state we tried to manufacture by running in tight circles, we simply could not get the boat to register a concerning shutter or rattle. The big Everglades felt like a boat that would be right at home both crossing the Gulf Stream and island hopping or running out to fish the canyons.
With all the creature comforts and conveniences, long-distance trips or overnights would be no sweat.

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Everglades 455cc transom livewell
Aft seating folds away, leaving coaming pads for fighting fish and easy access to the transom livewells. Courtesy Everglades Boats

Considering the aforementioned helm seats, flip-down transom benches and aft-facing cockpit seats, places to kick back and rest abound. There’s a sun lounge forward of the console, as well as removable cushions and ­f­orward-facing backrests in the U-shaped bow area.

Belowdecks, the ­cabin has 6 feet, 10 ­inches of maximum ­headroom and a surprising amount of space to stretch out inside. There’s ­also a ­functional galley and an enclosed head with a separate stand-up shower.

All said and done, the Everglades 455cc proved to be the real deal, a ­mega-center-console that is every bit as plush as it is fishable.

After spending time on the boat, saying that out loud doesn’t sound remotely crazy.


Test Conditions

  • Weather: Sunny, 75 degrees
  • Location: Bayshore, New York
  • Wind: Southeast 10 mph Sea State: Light chop Test Load: Two adults, 342 gallons of fuel, 50 gallons of water


Deadrise:25 degrees
Fuel:683 gal.
Weight:28,000 lb.
Max HP:1,800
Price:$1,700,000 w/ quad Yamaha 425 XTOs

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