Elec-Tra-Mate Turn-A-Mate Drives

Turn-A-Mate Drives do not alter the use of the reel for fighting a fish manually...


When a large fish is on the line, the last thing angler, captain and crew want to see is a hooked fish running through your spread only to get tangled up. The answer is to quickly reel in all of your lines as fast as possible. Elec-Tra-Mate is a versatile accessory that allows lines to be drawn in far faster than hand cranking. The 570-T and 830-T Turn-A-Mate Drives enable crew members to bring in lines at over twice the speed of someone hand cranking. Swordfish weights can be retrieved from 2,000 foot depths in under four minutes! The drive is not permanently attached to your reel so it can be detached in seconds even during a fight. Turn-A-Mate Drives do not alter the use of the reel for fighting a fish manually and IGFA tournament rules are not violated.

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