‘Tis the Season

Twenty on-the-water "pet peeves" that most boaters and fishermen can agree with.

December 27, 2012

Anyone who has spent time on the water has developed a laundry list of pet peeves. Here’s my personal Top 20.

  1. Folks who disconnect their straps, put in their plug(s), disconnect their lights, check their tire pressure, tune their motor, debate politics and argue over who forgot the ice while parked on the ramp.

  2. Those who use spinning reels upside down (referred to as “Pier Styl’in” in the South).

  3. Those who board a clean boat with muddy shoes.

  4. Pontoon boat “Captains” (refer to #20).

  5. Those whose gas money contribution is dependent on the day’s catch.

  6. Those who anchor in my chum slick (refer to #17).

  7. Those who change course and idle by while mashing their waypoint button (refer to #17).

  8. Those who troll around kayakers like they’re a piece of driftwood or structure (refer to #17).

  9. Those from Minnesota who don’t need a motion sickness pill cause they “fished with their uncle once for whopper muskellunges and didn’t get sea sick.”

  10. Horribly sea sick people from Minnesota (refer to #12).

  11. Those with third degree sunburns (refer to #11).

  12. Those who use Bimini frames and windshield supports as handles to steady themselves (refer to #11).

  13. Those who bounce 3 oz. pyramid sinkers off my pristine gel coat and motor cowling.

  14. Gel coat and cowling dings (refer to #8).

  15. Those who brag about the size of their pinfish.

  16. Those who back down the middle of a three lane ramp (refer to #17).

  17. Those who call tarpon—”poons” (refer to #19).

  18. Those who set circle hooks (refer to #19).

  19. Anyone on a jet ski (refer to #6).

  20. Fish that don’t bite (refer to #16).


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