Have ‘Em Seeing Double

tandem rigs for trout

tandem rigs for trout

Some folks who chase speckled trout are hesitant to throw tandem rigs. Whether it’s the stigma of them being "gimmick baits," beginner’s lures, or give the feeling that you're cheating—sometimes if you’re not throwing one you’re missing the boat. Tandem rigs can produce when trout turn single baits down. Here are ten compelling reasons to give them a toss.

1. Chill'in. In chilly water, tandem rigs offer a slower presentation (fall rate) than single baits by splitting the weight between baits. As such, they work independently of each other.

2. Avian. When birds are actively feeding, tandem rigs offer a multiple baitfish profile. Two baits falling in tandem imitate injured baitfish, a prime feeding opportunity for schooling fish.

3. Get Jiggy. By tying a smaller jig head in front and a heavier jig in back, you increase the baits action and fish catching capability. The rear bait serves as an anchor, allowing the forward jig to flutter in a mesmerizing manner.

4. Dark Shadows. Tandem rigs excel at night under lights as their profile mimics schooling baitfish congregating. Under almost any nighttime condition, tandem rigs outfish singles.

5. Multi-Chromatic. Tandem rigs offer fish variety in color. Slipping a couple different colored baits on allows you to narrow down the color choice to the hottest.

6. Stirring. Tandem rigs excel when bottom bounced. Tandem jigs cause more commotion than single rigs, causing a stir most fish can't resist.

7. Fish On. Tandem rigs let you hook two fish at once unlike single baits. While that may seem rudimentary, well, it is. It's as simple as that.

8. Cheapo. While this may sound elementary, tandem rigs are readily available and cheap—most costing around a $1 to $1.50.

9. Duplicity. Tandems can be cast or trolled—making them very versatile.

10. Top Feeding. For those with a taste for adventure, threading on a couple floating soft plastic baits on a light rig can offer some unprecedented topwater action when aggressively twitched near or on the surface.