Swiveling the Body During the Cast

Q: "Three years ago you taught me to swivel my body and take my arm low and far back to become a more efficient caster. It has really helped me, especially with big flies or when I'm casting into the wind. My problem is that guides on a flats boat don't want me to make this type of cast. They claim that when I swivel back and forth, the boat rocks, which creates waves that can spook fish. Do you have any suggestions how I can fix this problem?"

A: Fly-casting is the only sport in which only the arm is used — even in pingpong we use the body. To cast more efficiently, use the body and take the rod back farther. This will eliminate torn rotators and tennis elbow. If the body sways back and forth — yes, the boat will rock. But during the swiveling, if your upper body remains vertical, the boat will not rock.