A Question About Braided Gelspun Lines

Q: "Braided gelspun lines are now often used as backing on offshore reels in places where fish are expected to make long runs. Is there any one source that explains the details of these lines?"

A: I never mention manufacturer names in this column because I believe most tackle available today will perform better than we can. But there are a lot of misunderstandings about braid. For example, while the Bimini twist is a superior knot for older styles of backing, it isn't preferred by some experts for use with braided lines.

Rod Harrison, an excellent Australian fishing writer, wrote a superb book, Rod Harrison’s Braid & Gelspun Superlines. For anyone using these lines, it is definitely worth buying. It covers everything from the history and development of the lines to special knots to use. If you are interested, you can obtain the book from amazon.com.