Proper Gloves for Poling a Skiff

Q: "Fishing the flats effectively requires poling a boat. Although newer electric motors are quiet and work well for some applications, I firmly believe that poling is the best way to stalk skinny-water species. Most modern push poles have a roughened surface that acts as a grip. While this surface does keep the pole from slipping, it's harsh on my hands. I've tried several types of gloves, but I'm finding that the pole surface wears them out very quickly. Do you know of any gloves that are comfortable to wear and will last for a while?"

A: I noticed Capt. Tommy Robinson of Key West, Florida, using a pair of gloves that meets your requirements. The palm area has a slightly sticky and padded surface, and the back is a light mesh. Robinson says these wear well and, of all the gloves he's tried, are best for poling. They are designed for sailing, and the trade name is Ronstan — check them out for yourself at and see what you think.