The best way to cut bucktails

Fortunately there is a simple answer...

Q: I use a lot of bucktails in my fishing, and I especially like the Bucktail Deceiver created by Bob Popovics. Dyed bucktails are expensive, and I find that when I cut some of the dyed hair, I am unable to get all of it close to the center. Is there a trick to being able to use the most amount of dyed hair?

New Jersey

A: Fortunately there is a simple answer. Turn a bucktail over so the hide side is up. Note that there is a darker area running from the base to the tip of the tail. This is the brown hair on the other side - the rest is either white or has been dyed. Use a razor blade and carefully cut along either side of the brown portion of the hide. This will separate the brown hair from the dyed portions. With a small amount of trimming, you will have a brown section and two dyed sections, allowing full use of each of them.