Booking Direct vs. Using a Booking Agent

I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that the majority of fly fishermen enjoy traveling. And we are lucky in the sense that most of our favorite gamefish live in the most beautiful locals on the planet. As exciting as it is to be sitting on a plane headed somewhere exotic, getting to that point isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of logistics and expenses that are easy to forget or to not even know about. I’ve planned several trips myself and I can honestly say that I always screw something up — probably because I’m so focused on the “doing that” portion of my trip as opposed the “getting there” part.

This is why booking agents such as Frontiers, Angler Adventures, Angling Destinations, Yellow Dog, Nervous Wates, Fly Water Travel and Slip Stream Angling exist. There are even shops and manufacturers such as The Fly Shop and Orvis who have huge travel departments.

It’s certainly doable to book your trip direct and plan everything out and for some of you, you may prefer doing it that way. However, if you do go through a booking agent, you may change your mind. They handle everything! All you have to do is concentrate on not forgetting your rods, reels, flies and underwear and even if you do, they can probably help.

I’ve spent the last couple of days putting together a database of these big name travel agents and sorted out exactly where they can send you. This is a work in progress and it probably won’t be up for a week or so. However, the link will be Again, I stress that this is a work in progress and that being said; I’d love to hear your feedback. What can we do to make this a directory that travelers will look at often? Maybe there’s a way that we can indicate when a company is offering a special, or maybe we can indicate when airfare to a certain destination is dirt-cheap. Those are just a couple of ideas but we need more! Please let us know what you think.