An Honor and a Privilege

As I write this piece – my first Fly Fishing in Salt Waters blog – the economy is once again getting battered, the news is littered with trashy stories, and yet I still can’t get my mind off fly-fishing!

I know you can’t either.

It is an honor and a privilege taking over the editorial reins of this publication. FFSW holds a special place in my heart. I immersed myself deep within its pages back in the 1990s shortly after it launched. At the time, I was learning the finer points of writing in college, but in my spare time (which was the majority of the time), I was sneaking off and exploring any fishy water I could find.


Those were special days, full of redfish in the Indian River, monster bass from the tributaries of the St. Johns and big snook in the waters off Jupiter, Florida. This magazine was never far away, and it helped me catch more fish.

Needless to say, these last couple months have been quite a treat. I’ve met or corresponded with all my old heroes, many whom unknowingly taught me so many aspects about the sport over the years through the magazine. Meeting men like Lefty, Popovics, Curcione, Tabory, Flip and Blanton has been a thrilling, yet humbling experience!

The ride ahead will be a fun one. We will continue doing what FFSW has always done best, remaining at the forefront of new techniques and tactics, while continuing to introduce you to some of the world’s most exciting destination fisheries. We’ll celebrate the rich history of fly-fishing in salt waters and continue exposing the new, great talents of today.


It won’t end with the magazine, either. Keep checking in here for additional content in the future. It’ll be just the thing to give you a quick pick-me-up when you need it!
Got any ideas? Drop me a line anytime.

Tight loops, Mike Mazur Editor, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters [email protected]


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