First-time striper

Earlier this month I broke one of the steadfast tenets of my career (never travel anyplace where palm trees don't grow) and went sight fishing for striped bass along the eastern shore of Long Island with contributor and industry insider Craig Cantelmo of Van Staal. ] And you know what? It was awesome. Although we didn't catch any giants, we did have shots at some. I managed to catch and release multiple stripers up to about 10 pounds and even hooked a 15-plus-pound bluefish - sight casting - in less than 20 inches of water on the flats around Shinecock Inlet. More than anything, the whole experience reminded me of permit fishing on the flats of the Lower Florida Keys. Plenty of challenging, big fish - and lots of great seafood in the evenings. Check out our sight-fishing tips for stripers and blues in the September issue of FFSW. It's good stuff!