Bahamas Billfish, Right on Time!

Billfish Turn on 3 Days after the moon, right as expected for a change!


Just got a quick call in report from Thomas on OVER UNDER, fishing out of San Salvador and Cat Island right now. After a few days of pretty slow fishing on the Full Moon, the fish decided to cooperate today. They fished a short half day today and loaded the box with big dolphin and went 2-3 on whites.

People always ask us what we think is the best time to fish for Marlin in the Bahamas and we always tell them the same thing... start fishing 3 days after the moon for a week. Nice when the fish decide to actually listen for a change! Would expect the next few days to be pretty good and the end of the month to be even better with more Blue Marlin than Whites.

Due to the Memorial Day holiday falling when it does in relation to the moon this year, we have 3 days open at the end of the month, that we would say are probably about the best you could plan for the entire season... May 31, June 1 and 2. If anyone wants to fish, give me a shout. Boat will still be in Cat Island, and needs to end up in Harbour Island the evening of the 2nd. Some good fishing grounds to cover between Columbus Point and Harbour Island...

Tight Lines,