Flyfishing on Molokai

The Bonefish are here


I just started offering flyfishing in May/2008 when I purchased a small boat suitable for two anglers to fish the flats. We have a varied amount of flats here, but the biggest enemy of course is the wind factor. With the right timing of tide and weather, I found an area that has proved to be very productive for Bonefish,Trevally and an occasional Barracuda. We don't have all the fish species like in Florida, but hey, this is Hawaii. The awesome thing is, NO crowds. Also, hope to have a new flyfishing website up soon. Here's a pix of a bonefish caught in the past month, just so viewers KNOW that there are fish to be caught here, of course, 100% release fishing is recommended,
Aloha for now, Capt Clay