New Orleans Report

The waters around Louisiana are constantly closing and reopening the coastal areas around the mouth of the Mississippi river are the areas in the line of fire mostly from the oil. Check with that areas local guides they still have some of them fishing the area down there. Every now and then the news will interview one the guides down there they are all saying their phones are not ringing even with some of the areas waters still open. The Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne waters have never closed during this disaster. We have been sparred so far and our fingers are crossed it stays that way. I've had a couple of my regulars that fly fish asking about the tripletails my answer is I don't know these fish have not been studied much but from what I know they spend the majority of the year in the Gulf of Mexico they start showing up when it gets really hot early June through September. I will be scouting Lake Borgne real soon and I will call them when they show up if they show up. Give me a call we are catching lots of Redfish and sometimes a flounder or two mixed in right now. We will be launching inside the city limits of New Orleans and fishing some of the waters that are inside the city limits of New Orleans. The launch is about 12 miles from downtown New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the most unique cities I have seen maybe I'm partial growing up here lol but serious Katrina effected everyone here and this is gonna have a major impact also but this city is resilient. The city is still rolling right along so come on down and enjoy our unique culture and absolutely our great food.
Captain Phillip Rodriguez