A Tale of Tailers

Tailing redfish are plentiful

On Dec. 3 my birthday, Capt. Dale Fridy and I went out to scout for a trip the next day. He rarely gets any free time so I decided to work the pole for our session. Long story short we found a good supply of tailers about 15 minutes North of Port Isabel. Dale got about 10-12shots at tailers in about 3 hours and got nine of them. Damn good castin I’d say! I went one for two from the tower on spinning. He used an unweighted white streamer in a size #4 about 3 inches long. It was a great morning. The next morning we pick up our guests in our Hell’ Bay skiffs and I proceeded to a similiar area as the day before. Needless to say we had about 40 plus opportunities (about 4 times as many as the day before) and came away empty handed. It’s all in the presentation baby!! Who Knew???


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