quick trip

New Orleans Report

6-22-10 Today was a quick trip didn't have any time to play with the Redfish on the flats. The weather forecast was strong squalls moving our way. A new client working with one of the cleanup companies said he finally had a little time and asked if we could do a short trip I told him with the weather it was probably going to be a short trip. We decided to chase the Tripletails in Lake Borgne knowing the fronts were coming. After a few crab cork lines we headed towards the oil booms and the tails were hanging out and feeding. After offering the fly to a couple we had a taker. We picked up 2 more before the winds ran us in back to the launch for 9:30 a great day and the overcast kept the heat off. Mr. Jimmy said he had never fished Tripletails before and hopefully he would get another chance before leaving to go back home.
Captain Phillip Rodriguez