oil spill

New Orleans Report

I have not had reports in a while so I would like to apologize for that but I would like to let everyone know please try and not watch all the dome and gloom you see on the T.V. yes it is a serious disaster happening in some the marshes mostly around the mouth of the Mississippi River but lots of the areas fishing grounds are ok and spared at this time. The Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne and most of the Biloxi marsh have not had any oil or sheen around the area hopefully the good lord spares this area. Call the Captains in these areas when booking a charter everyone of them I know will tell you the facts they would not take your money and tell you its ok when its not we all believe that a good fun trip will return and word of mouth can make you or break you. Check the local web sites and contact the Guides in this area or call me and ill give you some names we are catching fish right now and hopefully the currents of the gulf keep our estuary safe but I can guarantee you the local guides I know will not steer you wrong they will keep you informed of the facts.

Captain Phillip Rodriguez