Lower Laguna Madre, South Texas Coast

We are finally coming out of long stretch of bad weather for us. 3/02/07

The waters of the Lower Laguna Madre are warming and the fish are still a little spotty and sluggish for sight fishing but there is some fun to be had out there. Blind casting with sinking streamers and spinning with spoons and plastics are pretty effective right now. An oil and gas company has been doing a sizemic exploration grid in the bay with a fleet of airboats. Makes for a lot of noise pollution and some hazards with all of their marker poles. That work is almost competed and then they will start setting off their charges which will again make for some disturbances out there both for the fish and the fishermen. We have to be patient I guess, but it will sure be nice when the bay is back to normal. The activity is from the S. Padre Island bridge up north to about 3 islands. The fish when not disturbed should start to be more active with ever increasing warm waters and stabilized weather.