Fishing Report – Week Ending 8/29/2009

Small tarpon and snook on the beach

Fishing Report – week ending 8/29/2009

There has been a steady increase in our rainfall over the last week and we are seeing a definite outfall of water in the canals and rivers feeding into the Gulf. These afternoon rains provide a welcome cooling to both the air and water. Just watch out for the lightning. Between storms, much of my time this week has been at the bench tying some new patterns along with some flies for an upcoming trip to the Keys for bonefish and permit.
There are a fair number of snook on the outside points and clear beaches crashing on bait. I have been seeing some larger baits and have been using larger flies over the last week. The Silver Jenny is a great pattern to imitate these greenbacks. Small tarpon continue to be around the creeks and canals early and late. As I am writing this there are a couple of fish rolling in our canal behind the house just waiting for a fly. I have heard a few reports of bigger fish showing up but not in any numbers, yet. There continue to be redfish cruising the oyster bars and points. Some of these guys are big and spook easily so put it in stealth mode when sight fishing this shallow water.
All the best,
Capt. Bill