Fishing Report – Week Ending 12/05/2009

Baby tarpon and snook in the back bays.....

Fishing Report- week ending 12/05/2009
The fishing this week started out with some calm condition and ended with another cold front and some much needed rain. We found some large schools of mackerel crashing on bait out in the Gulf on our way down south earlier in the week. If you are looking for constant hookups on a fly, try these guys on a 7 weight outfit and you will have your hands full.
The cold front has kept some big snook in the back bays. One creek we came to had one of these big fish cruising the sand flat at the mouth back and forth looking for bait on the outgoing. She was tough to see with the cloud cover but every once in awhile we would see the big shadow cross the flat. We must have thrown at her for a half hour and were about ready to give up before one cast intercepted her path and she ate a size 2 DNA Reducer. Just as quick as she ate, she shook her head and was off, it happens.
The best fishing we had this week was to small tarpon after the front came through and wind subsided a bit. I found a small bay just loaded with small tarpon anywhere from five to ten pounds. We even caught the smallest tarpon I have ever seen; it was all of 10″. A size 2 Neon Knight fished on an 8 weight outfit was the ticket. These fish are about as much fun as you can have on a fly rod. They spend more time in the air than they do in the water.
We will keep you posted.
All the best,
Capt. Bill