Fishing Report – Week Ending 11/28/2009

Time for winter fishing strategies....


Fishing Report- week ending 11/28/2009

Another cold front arrived this week dropping the water temperatures down into the 60s. Yesterday found me fishing the back bays of the 10,000 Islands late in the afternoon. The first point we fished was clear and low on the outgoing. Sure enough, in less than six inches of water a good snook lay suspended at a tiny outflow in the shore. First cast, long slow strip, and we were connected. We continued to pick up fish all along this shore in 69 degree water using a Neon Knight. I have heard many say that snook don’t feed in less than 70 degree water. I disagree and know the fishing can be good when you have a plan.

Winter fishing requires a different strategy than we use during the warmer months. Plan your day around the best tide on the warmest water you can find. These fish are looking for two things after the onset of a cold front – warmth and food. A cold front pushes a lot of fish to dark shallow water where they can get some warmth. If these fish are going to eat, they are going to be the most active during the warmest part of the day. During the winter months, I plan many of my trips much later in the day to take advantage of this.


Also look for water moving between bays or on points where these fish can lie in shallow water, out of the main current and ambush bait following the tide. This is good advice any time of the year but during the winter months, you may find fish in shallower water than usual or at a creek mouth that is so small that most would pass it by. When poling these areas, look ahead and look close as you will need to keep your distance to not spook these skinny water fish.
All the best,
Capt Bill


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