Fishing Report – Week Ending 10/03/2009

Schools of Big Reds

October 4, 2009

Fishing Report- week ending 10/03/2009
I am watching the first blue crab traps being set behind my place as I am writing this – a sure sign of fall. The days are still warm but you can feel the change of season. The rain has tapered off and the water temperature has dropped and the reds are here. I had another captain tell me of a school of reds down south that was over a quarter of an acre in size with most of the fish over the slot. Fish the incoming on the outside points and oyster bars.

Snook fishing remains good with fish on the beach and some bigger fish in the back bays cruising the shores looking for bait. Bait is scattered with some bigger baits on the outside and small baits in the back. I fished one small bay where the shoreline was absolutely full of glass minnows; I know the snook were there but they were so keyed in on these small minnows, they wouldn’t touch a fly.

Tarpon are still around with a few showing in the back and some larger fish offshore feeding on balls of glass minnows. These guys can get pretty selective on the glass minnow and tough to catch on anything larger.


My week was spent mostly on land this week; tying some new flies, custom fly orders and a little boat maintenance for some upcoming trips. Take a look at the Alien and POI Shrimp – these flies have been just the ticket for reds and snook.
All the best,
Capt Bill


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