Fishing Report – May 17, 2011

Tarpon fishing remains good in the 10k
Still 1.jpg

Our warm weather continues with water temperatures in the 80s. The wind usually starts out in the morning with a light breeze from the northeast and switches to a steady south sea breeze by early afternoon. Once this south breeze hits, it becomes increasingly difficult to sight fish. Fish early and once the breeze kicks up start looking for places out of the wind.
Tarpon are still here; not in the numbers we were finding a few weeks ago but there are still some big fish moving through on their way to Boca Grande. Water color continues to be the challenge in finding fish but these guys have a hard time hiding in lower tide conditions. Look for rolling fish on the higher tide.
We are finding some reds on the lower water conditions, again, when you can see them. I fished with Chris Dakan and his wife Theresa this week primarily hunting for tarpon but found some reds cruising the outside points. Chris caught and released a nice red on a Whit’s Blue Crab Special on the bottom of the low.
Chris caught a great tarpon on his first shot at laid up fish with one of our new tarpon patterns, the Orange Crush. Congratulations Chris.
We will keep you posted,
Capt Bill