Fishing Report – 12/05/2010

Cool conditions in the 10k

A cold snap arrived mid-week with air temperatures in the 40s and dropped the water temp into the low 60s here in the backcountry. Not as brutal as some of our friends have been experiencing up north but still cold for this area. It sounds like we are in store for more cold arriving again next week. During these cold periods snook are looking for warmth in either shallow water or creeks that drain these shallow bays, as well as deeper warm water pockets. Small patterns are the ticket when fishing in shallow water conditions. Redfish continue to be found on the outside points and oyster bars. Mid-day conditions will often be your best bet when it gets cold with the warmer water and sun overhead for good visibility.
I fished on Wednesday just as this front rolled in and it was tough for sure with the wind and cloud cover. We managed to hook one small snook on a new fly I have been testing (more on this soon after some modifications) and took a couple of shots at some tarpon rolling before we decided to call it a wrap.
In the meantime we have been busy with holiday orders, adding new items to our store and getting ready for the season ourselves.
Stay warm and we will keep you posted,
Capt Bill