Fishing Report - 11/01/2010

Redfish & great tides this week


Fishing Report - 11/01/2010
It has been warmer than usual for this time of the year and the fishing has remained strong here in the 10k. The warm water has kept some tarpon here in good numbers for this late in year. Usually we have a cold front come through that cools the water off and pushes many of the fish further south toward the Keys. There are very good numbers of redfish around right now. Check out the points and oyster bars both on the outside and back bays. We are seeing our some great tides with low water conditions mid day making for excellent sight fishing. We are also finding lots of baitfish both in the back country and offshore.
Yesterday I fished later in the day on the falling tide and had perfect conditions with a light wind and clear water. We found both redfish and snook on all our stops before the fading light made it tough to spot fish. All the reds yesterday were nice fish, 2 footers. The 10k Baitfish series in the darker colors have been the flies of choice.
We will keep you posted,
Capt Bill