Bonefish Tailing Up on Backcountry Flats

Hot Summer Bonefish action, Tarpon and Permit available too!

July 8, 2008

The Fishing Report.
July 07, 2008. Capt. Chase caught his first Bonefish on fly aboard FlatsMaster with Capt. Dexter a few weeks ago. Since then, the Bonefishing has remained good on the backcountry flats.Permit on a Tarpon fly is a great experience, especially when it happens within minutes of fighting a Tarpon with the same fly! Curtis from Oklahoma recently jumped a 60 pound Tarpon with a Marquesa Sunrise fly, then about 10 minutes later he cast to and landed this 17 pound Permit. Set for a a Tarpon pull, the TIBOR GULFSTREAM reel handled the Permit well, but not before the Permit tore into the backing on a fierce run. The fish was landed in about 11 minutes. The Marquesa Sunrise fly has enough orange in it to attract Tarpon and Permit who are focused on Palalo Worm orange. This season we experienced three separate worm hatches and each time the fish turned onto the orange patterns. The Permit really charged and woofed the fly making it an obvious worm eating move. This has been a very good Tarpon Season aboard FlatsMaster. Here is Del Bruce of Toronto with his second Silver King in two days. Both of them were in the 70-80 pound class. . Del’s first fish was caught in the Marquesas on his first cast of the morning! Here Del shows his “down and dirty” Tarpon fighting technique. Take note of the Tarpon in the water to the right of Del as he angles his rod low to the water and in the opposite direction of the Tarpon’s swimming path. This helps to tire the fish leading to an more time-efficient landing and release..
When we are out and about hunting for Tarpon, often we run across schools of Permit and Bonefish. Today we had several shots at each with a Tarpon fly. The cockroach Tarpon fly is especially proficient at luring in Bonefish and Permit. However, today we had a Black Death Tarpon fly on and we had no luck on the smaller Bonefish and Permit. Here is a Bonefish and a Permit caught with a Tarpon Cockroach fly..The Tarpon Cockroach fly is truly a grand slam pattern! For Bonefish and Permit, just strip it like you would any Bonefish pattern with short quick strips to entice a take. Good Luck!
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