Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report/2-11-2009

Awesome Fishing!

Well what can I say. The weather is actually starting to feel really nice again. It would be very nice to just freeze this in time. Oh well, that wont work. The fishing over the last several days have been great. I mean you really can not go wrong on the water.

The main key with this time of year is just to take your time and do not rush things. Search and destroy to say. Redfish are moving in BIG schools all over the lagoon. However the fish are getting very spooky when being approached. I am however seeing patterns and predicting where and when they are going…Like clock work.

The fish are moving off the deep water to the shallow waters as the sun comes up. Just the laws of their physical make-up. Keep your eye out for signs of them. Bait fish moving, birds feeding, water pushing, life and activity all around…all of these signs may be a “sign” of fish in the area. Read your surroundings. Take note of this and use it on a regular basis.


Live shrimp fished in front of the reds work best. Gulps in the white shrimp pattern have been producing great numbers too. When using the Gulps I like to work them very slow, I mean slow. I am working sand holes and grass lines. Put your bait on one side of a white hole and SLOWLY bring it across for all to see. Toss a frisky live shrimp to a redfish and let him see it and acknowledge it, give them some time to react. Trout are all over the same area – it seems to be they are “picking up ” stragglers of bait as schools of redfish move through. A few trout have been in the 6-8 lb class…NICE! The Delta Force of the flats are what I like to call big trout.

Please do remember that the water levels are so low that it can be very dangerous at times. Not just to yourself but the grass flats as well. Just be aware of your surroundings on this note too. Be sure before you enter into unknown territory.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the water soon. Tight Lines…Have a great day out there!


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