Redfish Tides

A new round of Redfish tides has begun

A new round of "Redfish tides" began yesterday. In the coastal waters around Savannah,GA that means tides above 7.5 feet.The evening tide last night was 7.8, just about perfect. A large thunderstorm was moving offshore when I arrived at the marsh flat I wanted to fish and found I had it all to myself. I rigged up, slipped over the side of the boat and moved into the marsh. I headed to one of the many little creeks that flood the flat and found a nice tailing fish working his way up onto the higher marsh.The lightning and thunder always seem to stir the fish up and the evening was no exception. I found tailing fish steadily on the incoming and was able to land three nice fish, about 24 inches. When the storm moved farther away and I could hear no more thunder the fish turned off and I made the long walk back to the skiff without seeing another fish. A nice sunset and a smooth ride home finished off a great "Redfish Tide".