Heating Up!!

Be Patient...

Things are really starting to heat up, no pun intended. At this point however we really need to keep things in perspective. Let me digress?I received a call on Sunday A.M. from a shop customer who returned home from sunny Florida the night before. He asked, "Eric, where are all the fish," I simply responded, "Bob, this is the first day we have had in the high 60s since September." Enough said. It will happen, but be patient. At this time of year, we need the spring infiltration of bait which is directly correlated to water temp, which is directly correlated to air temp, which as we know is anyone's guess. With Easter so early this year, I think all of our fishing clocks are a bit ahead. It's still only April 24th. I looked back at last year's reports and at this time the water temps were still in the mid 40s with a week long of torrential rain, with the only bait activity far to our west, so if we compare to a surface temp on Saturday of 51 degrees in mid sound, we are indeed maybe a bit ahead of the game. Despite the fact that the air temps are to become more seasonal next week (i.e. colder) we still have some time to get our game faces on.

Captain Chris was out on a charter Monday again on the Housey with the long rods and had a few good size fish in the mid 20s on Pete Vs now famous herring patterns. Newcomer "Greyson" who just relocated from Virginia fished the bird sanctuary all weekend and despite some stiff easterlies, had a dozen fish to the shore in the mid 20 inch range. While there, he noted seeing a good 30 inch bass taken and safely released. Did I mention this was his first time out on our waters? Must have been the mojo in my own personal waders/boots that I let him borrow?Congrats Greyson and welcome aboard!

The reports from the lower Saugatauk have been sketchy at best. Definitely some schoolies being taken on soft plastics and flies albeit farther up the river. Gray's Creek has been slow on all tides, but it is still worth a try. At this time of year, slap on the waders regardless of reports, go back to your favorite wading spot from last year and do some reconnaissance. See and take mental notes on how the contour of the bottom has changed over the winter, especially in places like the Mill Pond so you are ready to go when things break open and not standing in neck deep water using your stripping basket as a life preserver on a flat that last year was bone dry at the same tide. For the fly guys & gals, we have the new Eric Peterson Swing Tail Crease Flies and are the only shop in the area to carry thus far,so stock up while they are still available!

A bit farther to our West, we have received reports of places in and around Rowayton that have been loaded with Herring. Nothing pushing it just yet, but any day now we should see and hear of some decent catches.