Big Striped bass and Chompin Big Bluefish!!!

Fishing is still going strong!!!

August 2, 2010

Hello All,

Well what can I say, the fishing just keeps going strong day after day. This past week we hit the water just about every day and had great trips on each day. We managed to get our clients into some nice Striped Bass mostly between 34 inches, 14 lbs all the way up to 30 lbs and the Bluefish have moved into Boston harbor in a big way this past week.

Couple of other little treats this week are Blue fin tuna right outside Boston Harbor Bustin on the surface almost every day. We brought the tuna rods out for a couple of days but no joy yet as we have had a cold front move down on us and it has been down right chilly heading out to fish in the morning.


We still have mackerel, herring and pogies everywhere. Although with these big Bluefish running anywhere from 8 – 12 lbs and some bigger, our little mackeral are starting to disappear and finally head north to safety. its too bad as we have really had some fun with all those mackerel this year. But we will not give up on them until we know they are definately out of town.

We had some great clients out with us this week and they were all really great to have aboard. We caught alot of fish, busted alot of stones and laughed our butts off.

One charter we had this week was with a gentlemen from New Mexico and his 12 yr old son who mostly fresh water fly fish. We caught a few nice big bass and we slayed the bluefish. After getting those few nice bass in the box all hell broke loose as the blues were busting the surface all over the place and I mean feeds going on everywhere around us for miles. We caught them on live mackerel, light tackle and top water lures, deep diving plugs and shallow swimming plugs. By the time that little fellow got done reeling in those hard fightin bluefish his arms were tired and so was he. But they went home with some big smiles on their faces. nothing better than taking out clients and creating some great memories for them that will last forever.


We have been also coming into the dock every day after our trips and for some reason marking some nice bass under the boat while we are cleaning it after our trips. so I thought you know what I want to see just how big these bass are. So i drop down a nice fat dead mackerel and within ten seconds I am hooked up to a nice fat 37 inch bass, get her into the boat, unhook her and let her go, I am still marking so i drop another mac down, about 30 seconds and I am on again. I mean I am laughin my butt off that you go out for miles to fish and I could have just stayed at the dock. LOL bring the fish in and this Striper is around 36 inches. So i drop another bait out and Bang on again, another bass in same size class. Not too bad for 10 minutes of fishing right at the dock. What a freakin week.

We still have some great dates available for Private and Shared trips for Striped Bass and Bluefish as well as Bluefin tuna. If you are interested in getting out and having some fun, just give us a call or send me an email and we will get your booked.
Here are some dates that are available currently for both Shared or Private trips.

Thursday – August 12th – open
Saturday – August 14th – open
Sunday – August 15th -open
Friday – August 20th – open
Saturday – August 21st – open


You can see the latest Striped Bass and Bluefish pictures in our photo section

Tight lines,


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