Shark on the fly

Black tip shark, strong battler and jumper


Wading is truely safe in Guadeloupe as there is no sharks on the flats except sometimes at night and they are very small from 1 to 5 lb. I never encounter one while wading at any hours since I guide in Guadeloupe. Only place you could encounter small sharks are few flats in the grand marin cove a place where we need the flats boat to get there.
Yesterday I gone in Marin Cove to check if there was some early migrating poon, but only found the baby. It's a bit too I moved to a flat for bonefish but I stopped before to a small islet to lunch and as I enchored the flat boat, they were six/seven black tip shark cruising around. So I rigged a muddler with a rabbit strip tail on a 40 lb fluoro shock tippet and cast at them. It was really fun. I hooked 5/6 shark and land two as the other slice the tippet after a brief but strong and very jumpy battle.

When releasing a small shark keep one hand just behind is head, release the tail and when feel his ready to go, quickly release the head. Watch your finger cause even small they could do severe injury to your hand or harm...always let your guide handle those kind of fish.

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