06/01/07 report from Guadeloupe snooks and 'poons

first time saltwater for Thierry


Friday I met Thierry at 7:30 at the boat ramp. After some advices we headed first to a shallow mud spot for snooks and they were where they should be the water was very trouble. The first snook around 12/15 lb surprise both of us at 15 feet of the boat by tailing hard in the mud, certainly eating a crab and moved slowly, by the time Thierry make the first cast he was already gone.
We sight 5 more snook between 4 and 6 lb but took none. I know if that had hapenned in the end of the day he would have hooked some of them..the good uses of river fishing are the bad uses of saltwater. We moved to some spots more dedicated to baby tarpon and after losing a dozen of them by trout setting the hook or setting softly, he asked me to get on the bow and show him how to tighten the loops to reach tight area under the mangrove. So be it and I show him a correct hook set by landing a small baby. After that he made tight loop and reach tight area and get 100 % success hook set but the tide has changed and action slowed. He get his 3 first tarpons and land a tiny snook. It has been really rainy all night so the water was very very brown we coulnd't sight for fish and mostly blind cast except for one of the baby he landed. We ended the day at 5:30 pm with an other round on shallow mud.

Tight lines.