Allen Releases the Kraken XLA Reel Series

An extra large arbor edition of the Kraken hits the market



The Kraken reel series has been one of the most popular reels for big game angling enthusiasts since its release in early 2013. The series is growing with this extra large arbor edition of the Kraken with an all new, extra powerful drag system.

Despite the XLA's massive diameter, it is extremely lightweight for its size. The drag system has been completely updated and strengthened to account for the wider range of leverage on the arbor. In our testing phases on this reel, we managed several sailfish in Mexico up to 100lbs, and dozens of other bluewater species ranging from dorado to tuna. The rapid line pickup kept us in control of the lengthy battles, helping to connect to the fish in a fraction of the time whether we were frantically reeling in as they charged at the boat, or simply gaining as much progress as we could while slugging it out in tug of war. The speed placement of the handle allows for the fastest retrieve while still maintaining plenty of power, even on the biggest of fish you'll encounter. Despite the smaller circumference of the handle rotation, there is plenty of cranking power to spare.

Allen says this fully sealed, 6 stacked carbon disc drag system is by far the most powerful drag system they have ever developed.

Cost starts at $339