All Jacked Up

Mr. Crevalle Jack Saves the Day.

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We headed out early in the morning with catching monster snook in mind. I noticed that the wind was begining to build early in the day, around 4:30 AM. We went out my canal and cut over to the flats that I wanted to work. This place should be holding some monster snook and my scouting prior confirmed that they were there and they were huge. I made my turn inland and cut the motor. We had a long way to go to get to the mangrove line at the back of the flats bay but stayed off of the motor. Big snook are very spooky in shallow water. The wind was blowing us in and a good pace and I noticed the bay was getting very choppy. The wind continued to build and so did the chop. By the time we got to area we wanted to fish, it was just crazy choppy like a waffle.No snook to be found. We worked our way back into a feeder creek and only saw one monster and he made a dash deep into the magrove roots as soon as we wound up to cast. We sat there for a few and started hearing huge splashes deep in the mangroves. They were there and they were eating and we could not get to them. The wind drove the bait fish deep into the roots and Snookzilla followed. After a few minutes of dispair and disapointment I took us back out onto the middle of the flats and just watched to see what nature would offer up for us. Suddenly the surface explodes with a huge shower of mullet and the chow bell had been rung. Crevalle Jacks were unleashing a marauding attack and the mullet couldn't get high enough out of the water to get away from them. We went over to the area and made a cast into the may-lay. All hell broke lose and soon we had a double working. We fished our brains out on one school of jacks after another mixing in a couple of sharks for kicks. We finally had enough as our arms were aching. The wind kept building all day and was getting ugly so it was a good time to pack it in. I had a good assortment of jack flies for my plan B and was thankful for that. We had a great day of it but we will be back very soon for the hunt of the great Snookzilla. Thanks for reading and please visit my website.
Capt. Pat
Tropic Bay Guide Service