36 Striped Marlin!

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report

57 Team Captains Report the following summary numbers for the period 17-23 July 2005

  • 36 Striped Marlin

  • 5 Yellowfin Tuna

  • 1 YellowTail

  • 10 Dorado

  • 1 Wahoo

  • 3 Hammerhead Shark

  • 6 Skipjack

  • 17 Roosterfish

  • 5 Jack Crevalle

Wednesday of this week the Port Captain closed our port as Tropical Storm Eugene passed as close as 180 miles to the south of Cabo San Lucas.

Tho the water had warmed up earlier in the week, the swirling currents produced by Eugenes close proximity managed to cool water temps once again.


Several guests who packed an abudance of suerte did quite well with multiple releases of marlin, while overall anglers and guests were happy to catch a fish, or release a marlin.

We are all doing our superstitous best for “Hot Weather = Hot Catching” conditions we typically experience in July as August approaches.

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our team:  31′ Bertram “CABO MAGIC Dos”.