Women in Fishing

A must-see video podcast for anglers.

We’re excited to announce the debut of our monthly video podcast and dedicated web page, “Women in Fishing,” hosted and curated by Fishing Group Executive Editor Chris Woodward.

Women have been pioneers in angling for centuries, from the roots laid down by Juliana Berners in the 1400s; through the mid-twentieth century when anglers like Chisie Farrington, Helen Lerner, Kay Brodney and Joan Wulff, made valuable contributions to modern fishing and opened the door to a burgeoning number of female anglers who today enrich, enliven and advance the sport, offering not only knowledge, discovery and innovation, but inspiration as well.

Woodward is the perfect host to explore, highlight and encourage the participation of women in fishing. Growing up fishing in Florida, and spending the past 30 years as an outdoors writer and editor, her experience and enthusiasm as an angler lend both passion and insight to the  important and active role women play in fishing.

“I’m excited to present a menu of great content, to entice more women to try fishing and to stick with it,” she says.  “With so many of us embracing the outdoors and chasing adventure, fishing fits right into the mindset of today’s women.”

In her initial podcast, Woodward talks with Stephanie Vatalaro, from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, and Sarah Harper Burke, Shimano North America Fishing about encouraging women to enter the sport and grow in it.

Every month a new ‘cast will feature women anglers, some new and some familiar, sharing the unique perspective of women living the fishing lifestyle, pushing the boundaries and helping to establish a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive sport. Below the video, women will find a wealth of fishing content from gear reviews to tips and tactics.

We can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

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