Wiring Gloves that Work


Mates often find themselves working situations with fast action and light monofilament leaders, such as when tuna chunking in the Northeast canyons, dolphin fishing in Florida or sailfishing in Mexico. Many times during these hot bites, the mates need to cut and retie leaders while wiring, gaffing and releasing fish between knots. Something has to give—either the mate has to work bare-handed and tie quick knots or he wears gloves and protects his hands and takes more time to get the knots tied properly. The solution is to cut the fingertips off the cotton wiring gloves. The gloves still work to protect the mate’s hands, but his exposed fingertips allow him to tie knots quickly and correctly. The key is to cut off only as much as necessary, usually 1" to 11/2".

—Capt. Franky Pettolina, Last Call Charters, Ocean City, Maryland