Behind the Scenes: Tropic Star Lodge, Panama

A first class lodge running in a jungle wilderness

For over 50 years, Tropic Star Lodge, situated on Piñas Bay, Panama, has been providing anglers with an unmatched fishing opportunity. The lodge stands 20 miles from the Colombian border and just minutes from the trophy-rich waters of the Pacific Ocean and 100 miles form the nearest road. Keeping the lodge running, maintaining the fleet of classic, 31 Bertrams, and providing a quality experience requires a lot of self sufficiency. Behind the scenes, the lodge maintains a full set of support services, including wood and metal shops, and boat repair and maintenance, from filters and electrical systems to transmissions and engines. Dive into the Darien jungle of Panama with this series of photos.

Panama’s coastline around Piñas Bay features many likely-looking places where roosterfish might be found — we found them. Scott Salyers

Tropic Star Fleet, Piñas Bay

A fleet of 16 classic 31 Bertrams ready to fish Glenn Law

Tackle Room

From inshore light tackle to big offshore guns, Tropic Star maintains an extensive tackle inventory, was well as building rigs and leaders in-house for every day on the water. Glenn Law

Power to Spare

The engine shop, along with a complete parts inventory, is fully equipped for rebuilding, repair and installation so down time is not a concern. Glenn Law

Do it yourself

What’s not on hand can be manufactured in the machine shop. Glenn Law

Prop shop

Spare props stand ready for repair and installation. Glenn Law

Custom gym

A pair of Detroit flywheels welded to a drive shaft make for custom workouts. Glenn Law

Construction needs

Cinder block press provides the materials for building and expansion. Glenn Law

Main fuel

What keeps it all running is steady supple of fresh food, skillfully prepared. Glenn Law

Ultimate Test

And it’s all about putting anglers on the water to take advantage of what remains an incredible remote fishing experience. Glenn Law